Original Broadway Production (2011)

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Jack the White Knight
The Victorian Gentleman
El Gato
Queen of Hearts
Mad Hatter
The White Rabbit

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Worst Day of My Life .... Chloe and Alice
  • Down the Rabbit Hole .... Alice and Unearthly Voices
  • Welcome to Wonderland .... Alice and Company
  • Drink Me .... Unearthly Voices
  • Advice From a Caterpillar .... Caterpillar, Alice and Legs
  • Go With the Flow .... El Gato, Alice, Cats and Kittens
  • One Knight .... Jack the White Knight and Fellow Knights
  • The Tea Party .... Company
  • The Mad Hatter .... Mad Hatter and Company
  • Hail the Queen .... Queen of Hearts and Company
  • Home .... Alice
  • A Nice Litte Walk .... Mad Hatter, Chloe and Morris the March Hare
  • Through the Looking Glass .... Alice, Jack the White Knight, Caterpillar, El Gato and The White Rabbit

Act Two

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  • I Will Prevail .... Mad Hatter and Looking Glass Guard
  • I Am My Own Invention .... The Victorian Gentleman and Alice
  • Off With Their Heads .... Queen of Hearts and Ladies-in-Waiting
  • Once More I Can See .... Alice
  • Together .... Jack the White Knight, Caterpillar, El Gato, The White Rabbit, Alice and Chloe
  • Heroes .... The White Rabbit, El Gato, Caterpillar, Chloe, Alice and Company
  • Finding Wonderland .... Alice and Company

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