Mamma Mia!

Film Version (2008)

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Donna Sheridan
Sophie Sheridan
Sam Carmichael
Bill Andersson
Harry Bright

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  • I Have a Dream .... Sophie
  • Honey, Honey .... Sophie, Ali, Lisa
  • Money, Money, Money .... Donna, Tanya, Rosie, Greek Chorus
  • Mamma Mia .... Donna, Sophie, Ali, Lisa, Greek Chorus
  • Chiquitita .... Rosie, Tanya, Donna
  • Dancing Queen .... Tanya, Rosie, Donna, Greek Chorus, Company
  • Our Last Summer .... Harry, Bill, Sam, Sophie, Donna
  • Lay All Your Love On Me .... Sky, Sophie, Male Chorus
  • Super Trouper .... Donna, Tanya, Rosie
  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! .... Sophie, Donna, Tanya, Rosie, Ali, Lisa, Greek Chorus
  • Voulez-Vous .... Donna, Sam, Tanya, Rosie, Harry, Bill, Sky, Ali, Lisa, Pepper
  • S.O.S. .... Sam, Donna, Greek Chorus
  • Does Your Mother Know .... Tanya, Pepper, Guys, Girls
  • Slipping Through My Fingers .... Donna, Sophie
  • The Winner Takes It All .... Donna
  • I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do .... Sam, Donna, Company
  • When All is Said and Done .... Sam, Donna, Company
  • Take a Chance On Me .... Rosie, Bill, Tanya, Pepper, Harry, Eddie
  • Mamma Mia (Reprise) .... Company
  • I Have a Dream (Finale) .... Sophie
  • Dancing Queen (End Credits) .... Donna, Rosie, Tanya
  • Waterloo (End Credits) .... Donna, Rosie, Tanya, Sam, Bill, Harry, Sky, Sophie
  • Thank You for the Music (End Credits) .... Sophie

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Trivia & History

The song "The Name of the Game" was filmed, but not used in the movie. It was, however, included on the soundtrack and as a bonus feature on the DVD release.

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