Leave It to Jane

New York Concert (1985)

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Cast Highlights

Ollie Mitchell (A Sophomore)
Matty McGowan (A Trainer)
"Stub" Talmadge (A Busy Undergraduate)
Prof. Peter Witherspoon (President of Atwater)
Bessie Tanners (An Athletic Girl)
Flora Wiggins (A Prominent Waitress)
Jane Witherspoon
Billy Bolton (A Half-back)
Harold (Bub) Hicks (A Freshman)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Youth Is a Dream (Opening) .... Ensemble
  • Atwater Song .... Ensemble and Ollie
  • Peach of a Life .... Stub and Bessie
  • Wait Till Tomorrow .... Jane and Boys
  • Just You Watch My Step .... Stub, Bessie and Girls
  • Why? .... Flora and McGowan
  • Leave It to Jane .... Bessie, Stub, Jane and Girls
  • The Crickets Are Calling .... Jane and Billy
  • Medley of College Songs .... The Company
  • The Siren's Song .... Bessie, Jane and Girls
  • There It Is Again .... Sally, Billy and Girls
  • Cleopatterer .... Flora
  • It's a Great Big Land .... Jane and Billy
  • What I'm Longing to Say .... Jane and Billy
  • Finale, Act 1

Act Two

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  • Football Song (Opening Chorus) .... Bessie and Ensemble
  • I Played for You .... Jane and Billy
  • Sir Galahad .... Flora, Bub and Stub
  • Football Song (Reprise) .... Ensemble
  • The Sun Shines Brighter .... Stub and Bessie
  • I'm Going to Find a Girl .... Stub, Bub and Ollie
  • I Don't Care .... Billy
  • Poor Prune .... Flora
  • Finale .... The Company

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