Big Tent

Concert Reading (2007)

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Tammy Faye
Jim Bakker
Jerry Falwell
George Dortch
Claire/Jessica Hahn

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  • Magnify the Lord
  • A Sign From God
  • Big Tent
  • Old vs. New
  • I Believe
  • Push Me Aside
  • PTL Theme Song
  • God Loves Me
  • Hunger for the Lord
  • Look at Me
  • PTL Finale
  • Look at Us
  • I'm Pregnant
  • Another Wonderful Day
  • Heritage, USA
  • I Can't Do This Anymore
  • Push Us Aside
  • Ease Your Mind
  • No One's For PTL
  • Beauty Skin Deep
  • The Scandal Breaks
  • The Tent is Coming Down
  • Stay With Me
  • It Was Simple Then
  • Save Our Souls
  • Big Tent (Reprise)
  • Just Move On
  • Magnify the Lord (Reprise)

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