Annie Get Your Gun

Television Production (1957)

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Cast Highlights

Annie Oakley
Frank Butler
Col. Wm. F. Cody <i>(Buffalo Bill)</i>
Dolly Tate
Charlie Davenport
Tommy Keeler
Winnie Tate
Chief Sitting Bull
Pawnee Bill
Nellie Oakley

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  • I'm a Bad, Bad Man .... Frank Butler
  • Doin' What Comes Naturally .... Annie Oakley and Female Chorus
  • The Girl That I Marry .... Frank Butler
  • You Can't Get a Man with a Gun .... Annie Oakley
  • Moonshine Lullaby .... Annie Oakley and Female Chorus
  • They Say It's Wonderful .... Annie Oakley and Frank Butler
  • My Defenses Are Down .... Frank Butler and Male Chorus
  • I'm an Indian Too .... Annie Oakley and Chorus
  • I Got Lost in His Arms .... Annie Oakley
  • I Got the Sun in the Morning .... Annie Oakley
  • Anything You Can Do .... Annie Oakley, Frank Butler and Chorus
  • There's No Business Like Show Business .... Annie Oakley and Frank Butler

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