42nd Street

Walnut Street Theatre Production (2006)

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Cast Highlights

Julian Marsh
Dorothy Brock
Peggy Sawyer
Billy Lawlor
Maggie Jones
Bert Barry
Anytime Annie
Pat Denning
Abner Dillon
Andy Lee

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Audition .... Andy Lee and Ensemble
  • Young and Healthy .... Billy Lawlor and Peggy Sawyer
  • Shadow Waltz .... Maggie Jones, Dorothy Brock and Girls
  • Shadow Waltz (Reprise) .... Dorothy
  • Go Into Your Dance .... Maggie, Peggy, Annie, Andy, Lorraine and Phyllis
  • You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me .... Dorothy, Billy, Peggy and Ensemble
  • Getting Out of Town .... Pat Denning, Bert Barry, Maggie, Annie, Dorothy and Ensemble
  • Dames .... Billy and Ensemble
  • I Know Now .... Dorothy
  • I Know Now (Reprise) .... Billy and Girls
  • We're in the Money .... Annie, Peggy, Lorraine, Phyllis, Billy and Ensemble
  • Act I Finale .... Dorothy, Peggy and Full Company

Act Two

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  • Sunny Side to Every Situation .... Annie and Ensemble
  • Lullaby of Broadway .... Julian and Company
  • About a Quarter to Nine .... Dorothy and Peggy
  • Pretty Lady Overture .... Orchestra
  • Shuffle Off to Buffalo .... Annie, Bert, Maggie and Girls
  • 42nd Street .... Peggy, Billy and Ensemble
  • 42nd Street (Reprise) .... Julian

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