I Love My Wife

LA Reprise! Production (2008)

Musical Numbers

Original Musical Numbers List

Act One

  • We're Still Friends .... Company
  • Monica .... Alvin, Monica and Four Guys
  • By Threes .... Wally, Alvin and Harvey
  • Love Revolution .... Cleo
  • Someone Wonderful I Missed .... Monica and Cleo
  • Sexually Free .... Alvin, Cleo and Wally

Act Two

  • Hey There, Good Times .... Harvey, Stanley, Quentin and Norman
  • Lovers on Christmas Eve .... Monica, Wally and Norman
  • Scream .... Harvey, Stanley, Quentin and Norman
  • Everybody Today Is Turning On .... Alvin and Wally
  • Married Couple Seeks Married Couple .... Alvin, Cleo, Monica and Wally
  • I Love My Wife .... Alvin and Wally

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

No songs listed for this production yet.

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