Although the program cover listed the run dates as May 18 - June 24, previews started on May 16. The official opening was originally to have been May 23. That was postponed to May 29, and then one more day to May 30. The limited run was extended, first to July 29, then to August 12, and one last time to August 26.

According to Richard L. Coe's review in the Washington Post, the production employed a seven-player band.

The cast list with the New York Times review by Clive Barnes, which appeared in the paper on the day after the production's official opening, lists Norman Matlock as Willie Harris and the Pastor. In all other cast lists we find for the production, including a program, Herb Downer is listed in those roles, along with the role of Willie Harris. The cast list with the Times review lists Downer as playing Cobra, whereas all other cast lists we find list Eugene Little in the role.

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