La Cage aux Folles

Broadway Revival (2010)

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Cast Highlights

M. Renaud/M. Dindon
Mme. Renaud/Mme. Dindon
Angelique (Les Cagelles)
Hanna (Les Cagelles)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • We Are What We Are .... Les Cagelles
  • A Little More Mascara .... Albin and Les Cageslles
  • With Anne on My Arm .... Jean-Michel
  • With You on My Arm .... Georges and Albin
  • The Promenade .... Townspeople
  • Song on the Sand .... Georges
  • La Cage aux Folles .... Albin and Les Cagelles
  • I Am What I Am .... Albin

Act Two

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  • Song on the Sand (Reprise) .... Georges and Albin
  • Masculinity .... Georges, Albin and Townspeople
  • Look Over There .... Georges
  • Cocktail Counterpoint .... Georges, Dindon, Mme. Dindon and Jacob
  • The Best of Times .... Albin, Jacqueline and Patrons
  • Look Over There (Reprise) .... Jean-Michel
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

Jeffrey Tambor left the production after the February 24th performance because of recent hip surgery and the stress of performing eight times a week was too physically demanding. However, the New York Post reported earlier in the day of the 24th that Tambor left because he felt 'vocally uncomfortable' in the role.

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