Little Shop of Horrors

Casa Mañana Production (2009)

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Cast Highlights

Audrey II <i>[voice]</i>
Orin/Bernstein/Snip/Luce/Everyone Else
Audrey II <i>[puppeteer]</i>

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Prologue: Little Shop of Horrors .... Crystal, Chiffon and Ronnette
  • Downtown (Skid Row) .... Company
  • Da-Doo .... Seymour, Crystal, Chiffon and Ronnette
  • Grow for Me .... Seymour
  • Ya Never Know .... Mushnik, Crystal, Chiffon and Ronnette
  • Somewhere That's Green .... Audrey
  • Closed for Renovations .... Seymour, Audrey and Mushnik
  • Dentist! .... Orin, Crystal, Chiffon and Ronnette
  • Mushnik and Son .... Mushnik and Seymour
  • Feed Me (Git It) .... Audrey II and Seymour
  • Now (It's Just the Gas) .... Seymour and Orin
  • Coda .... Crystal

Act Two

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  • Call Back in the Morning .... Audrey and Seymour
  • Suddenly, Seymour .... Audry, Seymour, Crystal, Chiffon and Ronnette
  • Suppertime .... Audrey II, Crystal, Chiffon and Ronnette
  • The Meek Shall Inherit .... Bernstein, Crystal, Chiffon, Ronnette, Mrs. Luce, Snip and Seymour
  • Sominex .... Audrey
  • Suppertime (Part II) .... Audrey II
  • Somewhere That's Green (Reprise) .... Audrey
  • Finale: Don't Feed the Plants .... Company

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Trivia & History

  • The production was staged in a gigantic house, and subsequently did not sell well.  Tickets for all seats, regardless of the date, were discounted to $25.
  • Hagman's House of Horrors, a large Haunted House in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex was a sponsor for the production, as a publicity stunt, cast members from Hangman's dressed as zombies and wandered through the audience at intermission, before lip-synching through the house and onstage to "Thriller" in tribute to the then recently-deseased Michael Jackson.

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