Promises, Promises

Broadway Revival (2010)

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Cast Highlights

Fran Kubelik
Chuck Baxter
Mr. Dobitch
Marge MacDougall
J.D. Sheldrake
Mr. Eichelberger
Jesse Vanderhof
Dr. Dreyfuss
Ginger/Miss Della Hoya/Lum Ding Hostess
Miss Kreplinski/Helen Sheldrake

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Half As Big As Life .... Chuck
  • Grapes of Roth .... Chuck and Bar Patrons
  • Upstairs .... Chuck
  • You'll Think of Someone .... Fran and Chuck
  • Our Little Secret .... Chuck and Sheldrake
  • I Say a Little Prayer .... Fran and Girls
  • She Likes Basketball .... Girls
  • Knowing When to Leave .... Fran
  • Where Can You Take a Girl? .... Dobitch, Kirkeby, Eichelberger and Vanderhof
  • Wanting Things .... Sheldrake
  • Turkey Lurkey Time .... Miss Polanski, Miss Wong, Miss Della Hoya and Employees of Consolidated Life
  • A House is Not a Home .... Fran

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte
  • A Fact Can Be a Beautiful Thing .... Chuck, Marge and Bar Patrons
  • Whoever You Are .... Fran
  • Christmas Day .... Sheldrake, Helen Sheldrake and Party Guests
  • A House is Not a Home (Reprise) .... Chuck
  • A Young Pretty Girl Like You .... Chuck and Dr. Dreyfuss
  • I'll Never Fall in Love Again .... Fran and Chuck
  • Promises, Promises .... Chuck
  • Promises, Promises (Reprise) .... Fran and Chuck

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