Workshop (1982)

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Lizzie Fields
Pam Sakarian
Arlene McNally
Alan McNally

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  • We Start Today .... Company
  • What Could Be Better? .... Lizzie and Danny
  • Plaza Song, The .... Alan and Arlene
  • Baby, Baby, Baby .... Alan and Arlene
  • Bear, The Tiger, The Hamster and The Mole, The .... Pam, Arlene and Lizzie
  • Patterns .... Arlene
  • Fatherhood Blues .... Danny, Nick and Alan
  • Story Goes On, The .... Lizzie
  • Ladies Singing Their Song, The .... Lizzie and Women of the Town
  • Role Reversal .... Alan and Arlene
  • Romance .... Nick and Pam
  • Baby, Baby, Baby (Reprise) .... Company
  • And What If We Had Loved Like That? .... Alan and Arlene
  • Like a Baby .... Alan
  • Fathers of Fathers .... Danny, Nick and Alan
  • I Wouldn't Go Back .... Company
  • Finale .... Company

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