Original Off-Broadway Production (2001)

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Musical Staging

Cast Highlights

Officer Lockstock
Little Sally
Penelope Pennywise
Bobby Strong
Hope Cladwell
Old Man Strong / Hot Blades Harry
Little Becky Two Shoes / Mrs. Millenium
Old Woman / Josephine Strong
Officer Barrel
Caldwell B. Cladwell

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... The Band
  • Urinetown .... Lockstock and Company
  • Privilege to Pee .... Pennywise and The Poor
  • It's a Privilege to Pee (reprise) .... Lockstock and The Poor
  • Mr. Cladwell .... Cladwell and The UGC Staff
  • Cop Song .... Lockstock, Barrel and The Cops
  • Follow Your Heart .... Hope and Bobby
  • Look at the Sky .... Bobby and The Poor
  • Don't Be the Bunny .... Cladwell, Fipp, McQueen, Lockstock, Barrel and Pennywise
  • Act One Finale .... Full Company

Act Two

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  • What is Urinetown? .... Full Company
  • Snuff That Girl .... Hot Blades Harry, Little Becky Two Shoes and The Poor
  • Run, Freedom, Run! .... Bobby and The Poor
  • Follow Your Heart (reprise) .... Hope
  • Why Did I Listen to That Man? .... Pennywise, Hope, Fipp, Lockstock, Barrel and Bobby
  • Tell Her I Love Her .... Little Sally, Bobby and The Poor
  • We're Not Sorry .... Full Company
  • We're Not Sorry (reprise) .... Cladwell and Pennywise
  • I See a River .... Hope, Little Becky Two Shoes, Josephine Strong and Company

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Trivia & History

Originally announced for a six-week run, with the beginning being the start of previews on April 1, 2001, but no specific closing date was announced. Shortly before the official opening, advertisements stated that it would another four weeks, but again with no specific closing date. After the opening, the run was extended till June 25, 2001, by which time a Broadway run was already announced with previews to start on August 6 (although previews did not actually start till August 27).

The final performance at the American Theatre of Actors was on a Monday as the show was playing a somewhat unusual schedule with Tuesday the dark day.

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