Woman of the Year

National Tour (1983)

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Director and Choreographer
Director of Original New York Production
Choreography for Original New York Production

Cast Highlights

Tess Harding
Chip Salisbury
Abbott Canfield
Phil Whitaker
Pinky Peters
Ellis McMaster
Sam Craig
Jan Donovan

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Woman of the Year .... Tess and the Women
  • See You in the Funny Papers .... Sam
  • When You're Right, You're Right .... Tess and Gerald
  • Shut Up, Gerald .... Tess, Sam and Gerald
  • So What Else Is New .... Sam and Katz
  • The Poker Game .... Abbott, Phil, Pinky, Ellis, Maury, and the Cartoonists
  • One of the Boys .... Tess, Phil, Pinky, Abbott, Ellis, Maury, Tony, and the Cartoonists
  • Table Talk .... Tess and Sam
  • The Two of Us .... Tess, Sam, Gerald, Chip, Prescott, Gordon, Helga, and Neighbors
  • It Isn't Working .... Abbott, Phil, Pinky, Ellis, Chip, Gerald, Helga, and the New Yorkers
  • I Told You So .... Gerald and Helga
  • Woman of the Year (Reprise) .... Tess

Act One

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  • Entr'acte
  • I Wrote the Book .... Tess, Abbott, Phil, Pinky, Ellis
  • Happy in the Morning .... Alexi, Tess, Ballet Mistress, Prima Ballerina and ballet troupe
  • Sometimes a Day Goes By .... Sam
  • The Grass Is Always Greener .... Tess and Jan
  • Open the Window, Sam .... Tess and Company
  • Finale.... Tess and Sam

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