Whistle Down the Wind

Closed on the road (1996)

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Aunt Dot
The Man
Poor Baby

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Act One

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  • Vaults of Heaven .... The Congregation
  • Spider .... Poor Baby, Swallow, Brat
  • Grownups Kill Me .... Boone, Poor Baby, Brat, Swallow
  • Whistle Down the Wind .... Boone, Swallow
  • The Vow .... Swallow, Brat, Poor Baby
  • Safe Haven .... Townspeople
  • Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts .... Candy, Amos
  • Safe Haven (Reprise) .... Earl, Townspeople
  • If Only .... Swallow
  • Cold .... Townspeople
  • When Children Rule the World .... The Children
  • Annie Christmas .... The Man, Children
  • No Matter What .... The Children, Swallow
  • Finale .... Boone, Aunt Dot, Townspeople, The Children

Act Two

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  • Safe Haven (Reprise) .... Townspeople
  • A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste .... Amos, The Man, Boone, Swallow
  • Tire Tracks and Broken Hearts (Reprise) .... Candy, Amos, Swallow
  • Annie Christmas (Reprise) .... The Man
  • Wrestle With the Devil .... Preacher, Aunt Dot, Congregation
  • Nature of the Beast .... The Man, Swallow
  • When Children Rule the World .... The Children
  • Whistle Down the Wind .... Boone, Swallow, Brat, Poor Baby, Aunt Dot

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Trivia & History

After the run in Washington, D.C., the production was supposed to open on Broadway at the Martin Beck on April 17, 1997, after taking a break in performances. Shortly after the production opened in Washington to generally negative reviews, it was announced that the production would instead begin previews at the Martin on June 3 and would open on June 15. But after the closing in Washington on February 9, 1997, it was announced that there would be no Broadway opening in June and that more work would be done before remounting the show at some time in the future.

Jujamcyn, which owns the Martin Beck, had passed on booking the revival of Chicago to instead book Whistle Down the Wind.

Given that the show was booked to play on Broadway in a theatre owned by Jujamcyn, it is interesting that a note on the primary-credits page in the program stated that "The production is dedicated to the memory of Bernard B. Jacobs." Jacobs, who had died in August 1996, had been the longtime president of the Shubert Organization.

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