Bush is Bad

Original Off-Broadway Production (2005)

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  • Bush is Bad
  • How Can 59 Million People Be So Dumb?
  • New Hope for the Fabulously Wealthy
  • Das Busch ist Schlecht
  • Good Conservative Values
  • The Gay Agenda
  • I May Be Gay (But I'm No Lesbian)
  • I'm Losin' You, Karl
  • Love Song of W. Mark Felt
  • John Bolton Has Feelings, Too
  • Crazy Ann Coulter
  • Lying Liars
  • Survivor: Beltway Scumbag Edition
  • The 'I' Word
  • Get Real
  • The Inauguration Was Marvelous
  • Culture of Life
  • Beaten By a Dead Man
  • Sure, You Betcha, Georgie
  • In His Own Words
  • On Our Way (To Guantanamo Bay)
  • Good Conservative Values (II)
  • Good Conservative Values (Encore)

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