Johnny Johnson

Off-Broadway Revival (1956)

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Cast Highlights

Minny Belle, the sweetheart of Johnny Johnson
Grandpa Joe, her grandfather
Johnny Johnson, a tombstone cutter and private citizen
AggieTompkins, Minny Belle's mother
Captain Valentine, U.S. Army officer and formerly a movie stand-in
Dr. McBray, a Major in the Medical Corp.
An English Sergeant
Johann, an enemy sniper
A French Nurse
Doctor Mahodan, a psychiatrist

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Over in Europe .... The Mayor and Ensemble
  • Democracy's Call .... Minny Belle and Her Friends
  • The Battle of San Juan Hill .... Grandpa Joe and Villagers
  • Aggie's Song .... Aggie
  • Oh Heart of Love .... Minny Belle
  • Captain Valentine's Song .... Captain Valentine
  • The Song of the Goddess .... The Goddess
  • The Tea Song .... The British Sergeant and Soldiers
  • The Rio Grande .... Private Harwood
  • Songs of the Guns .... Themselves

Act Two

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  • Mon Ami, My Friend .... French Nurse
  • The Allied High Command .... The Commander-in-Chief and the Generals
  • The Laughing Generals .... The General
  • Psychiatry Song .... Dr. Mahodan
  • The Asylum Song .... Inmates of the House of Balm
  • A Hymn to Peace .... Inmates of the House of Balm
  • Johnny's Song .... Johnny Johnson

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Trivia & History

Based on the ads that appeared in the New York Times, we think that there were four previews — evening performances on October 17 and 18, and matinee and evening performances on October 20 — but it's possible that there was also a preview on October 19 for which no ad appeared in the Times.

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