New York Concert (1983)

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Cast Highlights

Dame Paula
Lieutenant Karl
Mikel Mikelovitz
Prince Franz
Baron Petrus Von Tromp
Aristide Caniche
Hon. Percy Algernon Slingsby

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Opening Chorus (Iron, Iron, Iron) .... The White Geese (Jeanette, Nanette, Lizette, Babette, Clairette, Toinette)
  • On Parade .... Karl, Ensemble
  • There Is Magic in a Smile .... Liane, Ensemble
  • Sweethearts .... Sylvia, Ensemble
  • Every Lover Must Meet His Fate .... Franz, Ensemble
  • Mother Goose .... Sylvia, The White Geese
  • Talk About This?Talk About That .... Liane, Karl
  • The Angelus .... Sylvia, Franz, Ensemble
  • Jeanette and Her Wooden Shoes .... Liane, Van Tromp, Caniche
  • First Act Finale .... Company

Act Two

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  • Waiting for the Bride .... Ensemble
  • Pretty as a Picture .... Mikel
  • What She Wanted and What She Got .... Paula, Daughters
  • Welcoming the Bride .... Wedding Chorus
  • In the Convent They Never Taught Me That .... Sylvia, Ensemble
  • The Game of Love .... Karl, The White Geese
  • I Don't Know How I Do It but I Do .... Slingsby
  • The Cricket on the Hearth .... Sylvia, Franz
  • Quartet: The Pilgrims of Love .... Slingsby, Mikel, Caniche, Van Tromp
  • The Ivy and the Oak .... Sylvia
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

Several songs cut during the out-of-town tryout of the original production were restored for this concert. They were "Talk About This—Talk About That," "What She Wanted and What She Got," and "The Ivy and the Oak."

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