1st National Tour (1971)

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Director and Choreographer
Choreography (restaging)

Cast Highlights

Margo Channing
Eve Harrington
Howard Benedict
Buzz Richards
Bill Sampson
Duane Fox
Karen Richards
Stan Harding

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • [Overture .... Orchestra]
  • Backstage Babble .... First Nighters
  • Think How It's Gonna Be .... Bill and Margo
  • But Alive .... Margo and Boys
  • The Best Night of My Life .... Eve
  • Who's That Girl? .... Margo
  • Applause .... Leland and the Gypsies
  • Hurry Back .... Margo
  • Fasten Your Seat Belts .... Buzz, Karen, Howard, Duane, Bill and Guests
  • Welcome to the Theatre .... Margo

Act Two

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  • Inner Thoughts .... Karen, Buzz, Margo
  • Good Friends .... Margo, Karen, Buzz
  • The Best Night of My Life (Reprise) .... Eve
  • She's No Longer a Gypsy .... Leland, Duane and the Gypsies
  • One of a Kind .... Margo and Bill
  • Think How It's Gonna Be (Reprise) .... Bill
  • One Halloween .... Eve
  • Something Greater .... Margo [and Bill]
  • Finale .... Margo and The Company

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Trivia & History

The tour shut down early due to poor business after Eleanor Parker succeeded Lauren Bacall. At the National Theatre in Washington, D.C., where the production was scheduled to run through August 26, 1972, it closed on August 19. The tour shut down completely at that point. Later engagments that had been scheduled, such as a two-week run (October 2-14) at the Nixon in Pittsburgh, were canceled.

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