How to Get Rid of It

Original Off-Broadway Production (1974)

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Amedee Buccinioni
Mr. Helliker
Mr. Provan
Ms. Cohen
Vietnam Veteran
Madeline Buccinioni
Lady Super

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  • Mind Your Business
  • The Old Man Says to the Old Woman
  • The Mushrooms Are Coming in Here
  • Good Morning, I'll Put You Through
  • At the End of a Period of Time
  • Are You the Man Whose Name Is on the Paper
  • Almost Everybody Suffers More Than Us
  • You've Got to Get Rid of It
  • Suite for a Growing Corpse
  • I Am Here at the Place Where Time Began
  • I Am a Vietnam Veteran
  • Well, Yes, He's a Friend
  • What an Evening
  • Five to One
  • Amedee, Amedee, It Isn't Too Late
  • The Late, Late, Show

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