Taking My Turn

Original Off-Broadway Production (1983)

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Act One

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  • This Is My Song .... Company
  • Somebody Else .... Company
  • Fine for the Shape I'm In .... Dorothy, Edna, Hele
  • Two of Me .... Janet
  • Janet Get Up .... Company
  • I Like It .... Company
  • I Never Made Money from Music .... Charles
  • Vivaldi .... Edna, Company
  • Do You Remember? .... Ben, Company
  • In April .... Dorothy
  • Pick More Daisies .... Company

Act Two

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  • Taking Our Turn .... Company
  • Sweet Longings .... Janet, Company
  • I Am Not Old .... Helen
  • Do You Remember? (Reprise) .... Ben, Company
  • The Kite .... John
  • Good Luck to You .... Eric, Company
  • In the House .... Eric
  • Somebody Else (Reprise) .... Company 
  • It Still Isn't Over .... Ben, Dorothy
  • This Is My Song ....  Company

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Trivia & History

The Best Plays of 1983-1984 gave the performance total as 345. This error seems to have originated in the Daily News, which reported that total when the show was closing. This was probably a typo. The figure, which has been repeated elsewhere, is clearly incorrect. The correct total would seem to be either 245 or 246. The show played on a standard schedule of eight performances a week. The show ran 30 full weeks and one partial week (opening week), when it seems to have played six performances. 

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