West Side Story

Broadway Return Engagement (1960)

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Act One

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  • Prologue .... Danced by Jets and Sharks
  • Jet Song .... Riff, Baby John, A-Rab, Diesel and Jets
  • Something's Coming .... Tony
  • The Dance At the Gym .... Jets and Sharks
  • Maria .... Tony
  • Tonight .... Tony and Maria
  • America .... Anita and Shark Girls
  • Cool .... Riff and the Jets
  • One Hand, One Heart .... Tony and Maria
  • Tonight (Quintet and Chorus) .... Company
  • The Rumble .... Danced by Riff, Bernardo, Jets and Sharks

Act Two

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  • I Feel Pretty .... Maria, Rosalia, Teresita, Francisca
  • Somewhere .... Danced by Company; Sung by Consuelo
  • Gee, Officer Krupke! .... Action, Snowboy and Jets
  • A Boy Like That .... Anita and Maria
  • I Have a Love .... Anita and Maria
  • Taunting .... Anita and the Jets
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

On opening night, Leonard Bernstein conducted the overture (but not the rest of the show). It has been said that the overture was added to the show for this run and that it had not been performed in any earlier performances of the show, but there is evidence that the overture was in the original Broadway run and in the original London run.

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