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New York City Opera Revival (1990)

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Director (original)
Stage Director

Cast Highlights

Emma Jones (alternates)
Anna Maurrant (alternates)
Sam Kaplan (alternates)
Frank Maurrant (alternates)
Rose Maurrant (alternates)
Greta Fiorentino (alternates)
Olga Olsen
Carl Olsen
Neighborhood Woman
Shirley Kaplan

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Musical Numbers

There were no individual song titles.

Trivia & History

This revival of the New York City Opera production was performed on September 7, 12, 15, 20, 23 (matinee) and 29, 1990.

The set designed by Paul Sylbert for New York City Opera's first production of the piece, which premiered on April 2, 1959, were used for this production. For the company's 1978 revival, Jack O'Brien did a new staging on the set, and Nancy Potts designed new costumes to replace those designed by Sylbert in 1959. For this revival, Marjorie McCown designed a new set of costumes. O'Brien was credited as the Production Director, and Jay Lesenger was credited as Stage Director.

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