Reuben, Reuben

Closed on the road (1955)

Trivia & History

Michael Kidd was sought to choreograph.

Russell Nype and opera singer Theodore Uppman were considered for the central role of Reuben. Donald O'Connor was offered the the lead but he chose to work in television instead.

Eddie Albert's wife, the actress known as Margo, was considered for the role of the Countess.

The production was budgeted at $200,000.

The Broadway opening was scheduled for November 8 at the ANTA Plsyhouse after previews from November 2.

The third week of the Boston tryout was cancelled to make changes to the show while keeping the Broadway opening date. Robert Anderson and N. Richard Nash were brought in as possible show doctors.

Ultimately, however, composer-librettist Marc Blitzstein was not willing to make substantial changes, and the show closed.

The November 17 performance on Broadway was to have benefitted Children's Village in Dobbs Ferry, NY. However, after the show's closure, the benefit was switched to a performance of The Vamp.

Marc Blitzstein was credited with the orchestrations, and Hershy Kay and Bill Stegmeyer were credited as orchestration assistants, but according to Abba Bogin, who was the choral director, Hershy Kay did most of the orchestrations. We have credited the orchestrations to Blitzstein, Kay and Stegmeyer.

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