The Pajama Game

Broadway Revival (1973)

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Sid Sorokin
Babe Williams

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • The Pajama Game .... Hines
  • Racing With the Clock .... Boys and Girls
  • A New Town Is a Blue Town .... Sid
  • I'm Not at All in Love .... Babe and Girls
  • I'll Never Be Jealous Again .... Hines and Mabel
  • Hey There .... Sid
  • Her Is .... Prez and Gladys
  • Sleep-Tite .... Babe and Boys and Girls
  • Once a Year Day .... Sung by Sid, Babe and Company, Danced by Gladys, Dallas Johann and Hank Brunjes
  • Her Is (Reprise) .... Prez and Mae
  • Small Talk .... Sid and Babe
  • There Once Was a Man .... Sid and Babe
  • Hey There (Reprise) .... Sid

Act Two

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  • Steam Heat .... Gladys, David Kresser, Jr. and P. J. Benjamin
  • Watch Your Heart .... Babe
  • Think of the Time I Save .... Hines and Girls
  • Hernando's Hideaway .... Sid, Gladys and Company
  • 7 1/2 Cents .... Babe, Prez and Girls and Boys
  • There Once Was a Man (Reprise) .... Sid and Babe
  • The Pajama Game ... Entire Company 

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Trivia & History

Some casting notes:

  • Nipsey Russell was mentioned in the press as being likely to play Hines in this production, but Cab Calloway ended up being cast in the role.
  • Although Dallas Johann was listed in the playbill on the title page as a featured performer and he was in the list of musical numbers as one of the dancers in "Once a Year Day," and he also had a bio in the "Who's Who in the Cast" section, he was not included in the playbill's cast list.

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