Pacific Overtures

Off-Broadway Revival (1984)

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Cast Highlights

Lord Abe/Second Officer
Third Councillor/Merchant's Mother/Physician/Madam/Russian Admiral
Shogun's Mother/Old Samurai With Mask/British Admiral
Kayama Yesaemon
Tamate/Shogun's Wife/British Sailor
Observer/Sumo Wrestler/Old Man/American Admiral
Fisherman/John Manjiro/French Admiral
Soothsayer/Warrior/British Sailor
Priest/Kanagawa Girl/Boy/Dutch Admiral/British Sailor

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • The Advantages of Floating in the Middle of the Sea .... Reciter and Company
  • There Is No Other Way .... Tamate, Observers
  • Four Black Dragons .... Fisherman, Thief, Reciter, Townspeople
  • Chrysanthemum Tea .... Shogun (Reciter), Shogun's Mother, Shogun's Wife, Soothsayer, Priests, Shogun's Companion, Physcian, Sumo Wrestlers
  • Poems .... Kayama, Manjiro
  • Welcome to Kanagawa .... Madam and Girls
  • Someone in a Tree .... Old Man, Reciter, Boy, Warrior
  • Lion Dance .... Commodore Perry

Act Two

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  • Please Hello .... Lord Abe, Reciter, American, British, Dutch, Russian, and French Admirals
  • A Bowler Hat .... Kayama, Manjiro
  • Pretty Lady .... Three British Sailors
  • Next .... Reciter and Company

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Trivia & History

Two scenes — the exchange of gifts in Act One and the riksha scene in Act Two — were cut in this produciton. In addition, there were some rewrites, most notably to the Reciter's speech introducing "Chrysanthemum Tea" and to the Storyteller's scene in Act Two. In addition, Sondheim revised his lyric for "Welcome to Kanagawa." The earlier incarnation of this production at the York stuck to the original script.

Those revisions were later published and incorporated into the licensed version.

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