Miss Saigon

Paper Mill Playhouse Production (2002)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture/Backstage Dreamland .... Gigi, Kim, The Engineer, and Bar Girls
  • The Heat is On in Saigon .... Soldiers, Bar Girls, The Engineer, Kim, John, Chris, and Gigi
  • The Movie in My Mind .... Gigi, Kim, and Bar Girls
  • The Transaction .... The Engineer, John, Soldiers, Chris, and Kim
  • The Dance .... Kim, Chris, and The Engineer
  • Why, God, Why? .... Chris
  • This Money's Yours .... Chris and Kim
  • Sun and Moon .... Kim and Chris
  • The Telephone Song .... Chris and John
  • The Deal .... The Engineer and Chris
  • The Ceremony .... Gigi, Kim, Bar Girls, and Chris
  • Thuy's Arrival .... Thuy, Chris, and Kim
  • Last Night of the World .... Chris and Kim
  • The Morning of the Dragon .... Soldiers, The Engineer, Two Guards, and Thuy
  • I Still Believe .... Kim and Ellen
  • Back in Town .... The Engineer, Kim, Thuy, and Soldiers
  • You Will Not Touch Him .... Thuy and Kim
  • This Is the Hour .... Chorus
  • If You Want to Die in Bed .... The Engineer
  • Let Me See His Western Nose .... Kim and The Engineer
  • I'd Give My Life for You .... Kim

Act Two

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  • Bui-Doi .... John and Chorus
  • The Revelation .... Chris, John, and Ellen
  • What a Waste .... The Engineer, Hustlers, Tourists, John, and Kim
  • Please .... John and Kim
  • Chris is Here .... The Engineer, Kim, Club Owner, and John
  • Kim's Nightmare .... Thuy
  • The Fall of Saigon .... Soldiers, Chris, Kim, John, and Citizens
  • Sun and Moon (Reprise) .... Kim
  • Room 317 .... Kim and Ellen
  • It's Her or Me .... Ellen
  • The Confrontation .... Chris, Ellen, and John
  • Paper Dragons .... The Engineer and Kim
  • The American Dream .... The Engineer
  • The Sacred Bird .... Kim
  • This Is the Hour (Reprise) .... Kim
  • Finale .... Chris and Kim

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