Mis-Guided Tour

Original Off-Broadway Production (1959)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Am I Late? .... Agent, Tourist, Groom, Father, Wife, Business Woman and Passengers
  • Better Safe Than Sorry .... The Traveler
  • Family Plan, The .... Mother, Father, Daughter, Son
  • Maiden's Voyage .... Alice Brown
  • Jabooti .... Dody, George, Talamas and Tandalaya
  • A Statue's Lament .... The Statue
  • Second Deck Diplomacy .... The Man and The Woman
  • Now Isn't That Lovely? .... Photographer and Company
  • Alice in Italy .... Alice Brown
  • Who Are You? .... The Woman and The Gambler
  • Lower Deck Diplomacy .... The Man and The Woman
  • Transplant .... The Planter
  • We is Wonderful .... The Hers and The Hims
  • Shandu Mishoo Ganah .... Shandu and His Assistant
  • Alice Alone .... Alice Brown
  • Le Folly Bergere .... The Folly Girls

Act Two

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  • The High Seas .... The Voyager
  • At Least We Can Say... .... The Driver, The Tour Guide and The Passengers
  • Alice in Africa .... Alice Brown
  • I Am .... The Dreamer
  • First Ones There .... Explorer One, Explorer Four and Van Guard
  • Try, Try Again .... The Man and The Girl
  • Fiesta Time .... Alice Brown
  • Another Bumper Crop .... Imigration Official, The Italian, Frenchie, The Colleen, The Swede, The Islander and The Chap
  • Flighty Departure .... Official and The Traveler
  • Nomad .... The Nomad
  • Desert Incident
  • Take a Chance on Me .... The Boy and The Girl
  • Two Bags .... Fellow Travelers
  • Alice Back Home .... Alice Brown
  • Go! Go! Go! .... Company

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