Merrily We Roll Along

Sondheim Festival Production (2002)

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Cast Highlights

Franklin Shepard
Mary Flynn
Charley Kringas
Mr. Spencer
Mrs. Spencer

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Merrily We Roll Along .... Company
  • That Frank .... Company
  • Old Friends — Like It Was .... Mary, Charley
  • Franklin Shepard, Inc. .... Charley
  • Old Friends .... Mary, Frank, Charley
  • Not a Day Goes By .... Beth
  • Now You Know .... Scotty, Mary, Tyler, Charley, Frank, Joe, Jerome, K. T., Company

Act Two

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  • [Act Two Opening .... Gussie]
  • It's a Hit! .... Joe, Frank, Mary, Beth, Charley
  • The Blob .... Company
  • Good Thing Going .... Charley, Frank
  • Bobby and Jackie and Jack .... Charley, Frank, Beth
  • Not a Day Goes By — Act II .... Beth, Mary, Frank
  • Opening Doors .... Charley, Frank, Mary, Joe, First Girl, Beth
  • Our Time .... Frank, Charley, Mary, Company

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Trivia & History

The first performance was on Friday evening, July 12, 2002. It was announced that the opening would be the evening performance on July 13, but the press opening was the matinee on July 14. We are counting the latter as the opening.

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