Due to an injury, Irving Jacobson, returning to his original role of Sancho, missed the opening night and the next few performances (and perhaps the single preview).  Consequently, some critics reviewed the cast with the following changes:

  • Edmond Varrato (Sancho)
  • Ted Forlow (The Barber)
  • Joe Lorden (Anselmo)

Varrato was Jacobson's understudy; Forlow was Varrato's undestudy; and Lorden was Forlow's understudy.

At some point in the run, Varrato became the Sancho alternate, playing the role at Wednesday and Saturday matinees.

A video that circulates with Richard Kiley and Joan Diener is often wrongly identified as documenting this production. In fact, it's a video of a 1982 Boston revival with Kiley and Diener.

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