Love Match

Closed on the road (1968)

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Director and Choreographer
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Cast Highlights

Lord Melbourne
Duchess of Kent
Archbishop of Canterbury
Inspector Plank
Boy Jones
Thomas Moore
Dance Valentine Victoria

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • These Two Hands .... Melbourne, Victoria
  • Coronation Parade .... 1st Nursemaid, Ensemble
  • Play It Again .... Victoria, Melbourne, Duchess, Archbishop, Ensemble
  • The Packing Song .... Albert, Footmen
  • As Plain as Daylight .... Victoria
  • I Hear Bells .... Jones, Plank
  • I May Want to Remember Today .... Victoria
  • A Meaningful Life .... Albert
  • The Grand Diversion .... Victoria, Albert, Melbourne, Duchess, Ernest, Ensemble
  • I Won't Sleep a Wink Tonight .... Duchess, Ernest, Plank, Two Ladies
  • Waiting for Morning Alone .... Victoria
  • Beautiful .... Victoria, Albert, Ensemble

Act Two

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  • I Don't Believe It .... Ernest, Melbourne, Archbishop, Jones, Plank
  • A World of Love .... Thomas Moore
  • Mine .... Victoria
  • A Woman Looking for Love .... Ernest
  • The Little Part of Me That's Mine .... Albert
  • Never Again .... Victoria, Entire Company
  • The World and You .... Albert, Ensemble
  • Play It Again (Reprise) .... Victoria, Entire Company

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Trivia & History

The show closed after the Ahmanson run, rather than moving on to the Fisher in Detroit, as had been announced. Also canceled was the Broadway opening, which had been scheduled for February. No theatre had yet been booked.

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