The Little Prince and the Aviator

Closed during Broadway previews (1981)

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Little Prince
Suzanne as a Child
Georges as a Child

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Par Avion .... Toni, Georges, Suzanne
  • Power Comes, Power Goes .... Snake
  • I Pity the Poor Poor Parisiennes .... Toni
  • Making Every Minute Count .... Toni, Georges, Pilots
  • Made for Each Other .... Toni, Rose
  • Wind, Sand & Stars .... Toni, Georges & Pilots
  • First Impressions .... Little Prince
  • A Day Will Never Be the Same .... Fennec, Pilots
  • I've Got You to Thank for All This .... Suzanne
  • I Don't Regret a Thing .... Toni
  • We Couldn't We Mustn't We Won't .... Toni / Little Suzanne / Little Georges

Act Two

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  • Watch Out for the Baobabs .... LIttle Prince
  • I LIke My Misfortunes to Be Taken Seriously .... Toni
  • The Volcano Song .... Little Prince
  • More Than Just a Pretty Flower .... The Rose
  • First Impressions (reprise) .... Little Prince
  • Volcano Song (reprise) .... Little Prince
  • Playground of the Planets .... Little Prince
  • It Was You .... Georges
  • Grain of Sand .... Little Prince
  • I Don't Regret a Thing (reprise) .... Toni
  • Sunset Song .... Little Prince
  • Little Prince Stars Will Be Laughing .... Toni / Little Prince

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Trivia & History

The production had been announced to open on January 20, 1982. but money ran out and performances were suspended after the performance on January 17. Producer Joseph Tandet tried to reschedule the opening for January 24, but he was not able to raise the money needed to resume performances.

Tandet contended that during previews, the Nederlander Organization, which owned the theatre in which the show was playing, increased the amount of the advance that it demanded against rent for the theatre from $50,000 a week to $90,000. Tandet also contended, the organization posted its own closing notice at the theatre, "effectively terminating the management of the house and the payment of the musicians in the show." Tandet filed suit against the Nederlander Organization, which contended that the production was terminated because it was in breach of the contract. When the lawsuit finally came to trial in 1986, the Nederlander Organization lost.

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