Original Broadway Production (1961)

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Cast Highlights

Kwamina (Peter)
Nana Mwalla
Mammy Trader

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • The Cocoa Bean Song .... The Company, with Robert Guillaume, Scott Gibson and Gordon Watkins
  • Welcome Home .... Scott Gibson, Mal Scott, Lee Hooper and The Company, with Mike Quashie, Spear Dancers and Fonga
  • The Sun Is Beginning to Crow .... The Company
  • Did You Hear That? .... Eve and Kwamina
  • You're As English As .... Eve
  • Seven Sheep, Four Red Shirts and a Bottle of Gin .... Akufo with The Company, and Scott Gibson, Charles Queenan and George Tipton
  • Nothing More to Look Forward To .... Aku and Nail
  • What's Wrong with Me? .... Eve
  • Something Big .... Kwamina and Company
  • Ordinary People .... Eve and Kwamina
  • Mammy Traders .... Girl With Parasol, Admirers and Dance Company
  • A Man Can Have No Choice .... Obitsebi
  • What Happened to Me Tonight? .... Eve

Act Two

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  • Naji's Nuptial Dance .... Nail, and Hope Clarke and Company
  • One Wife .... Wives, with Lillian Hayman, Rosalie Maxwell, Issa Arnal, Victoria Harrison, Lee Hooper, Mary Louise, Helen Phillips and Dancers
  • Nothing More to Look Forward To (Reprise) .... Nail
  • Something Big (Reprise) .... The Company
  • Another Time, Another Place .... Eve
  • Fetish .... Obitsebi, with Priests

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Trivia & History

The cast recording was made after the production closed. The booklet for the CD issue gives the recording date as November 18, 1961, but that is incorrect. That was the final day of the Broadway run, which was a Saturday. There were two performances that day and so it's clear that the cast recording was not made that day. Variety reported that the recording was made on November 20, two days after the closing.

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