Kiss Me, Kate

National Tour (1949)

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Cast Highlights

Fred Graham / Petruchio
Lois Lane / Bianca
Lilli Vanessi / Katharine
Bill Calhoun / Lucentio
First Man
Second Man
Harry Trevor / Baptista
Ralph (Stage Manager)
Hattie, Lilli's dresser
Paul, Fred's Dresser

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Another Op'nin', Another Show .... Hattie and Ensemble
  • Why Can't You Behave? .... Lois Lane
  • Wunderbar .... Lilli and Fred
  • So in Love .... Lilli
  • We Open in Venice .... Petruchio, Katharine, Bianca and Lucentio
  • Dance .... Dancing Ensemble
  • Tom, Dick or Harry .... Bianca, Lucentio and the Two Suitors
  • Specialty Dance .... Lucentio
  • I've Come to Wive It Wealthily in Padua .... Petruchio and Singing Ensemble
  • Were Thine That Special Face .... Petruchio and Danced by Joan Djorup and Dancing Girls
  • I Sing of Love .... Bianca, Lucentio and Singing Ensemble
  • Finale (Act One)?Kiss Me, Kate .... Katharine, Petruchio and Singing Ensemble
  • Tarantella .... Bianca, Lucentio and Dancing Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Too Darn Hot .... Rai Saunders and Danced by Specialty Dancers and Dancing Ensemble
  • Where Is the Life That Late I Led? .... Petruchio
  • Always True to You (In My Fashion) .... Lois
  • Bianca .... Bill Calhoun and Singing and Dancing Girls
  • So in Love (Reprise) .... Fred
  • Brush Up Your Shakespeare .... First Man and Second Man
  • Pavanne .... Dancing Ensemble
  • I Am Ashamed That Women Are So Simple .... Katharine
  • Finale .... Petruchio, Katharine and Company

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