Original Broadway Production (1953)

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Dances and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

A Public Poet, later called Hajj
Marsinah, his daughter
The Wazir of Police
The Caliph
Princess Zubbediya of Damascus
Princess Samaris of Bangalore
Imam of the Mosque

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Sands of Time .... Imam of the Mosque
  • Rhymes Have I .... Hajj and Marsinah
  • Fate .... Hajj
  • Reprise: Fate .... Hajj
  • Bazaar of the Caravans .... Street Dancer, Akbar, Assiz, Merchants and Shoppers
  • Not Since Nineveh .... Lalume, Wazir, Three Princesses of Ababu, Akbar, Assiz, Merchants and Shoppers
  • Baubles, Bangles and Beads .... Marsinah
  • Stranger in Paradise .... Caliph and Marsinah
  • He's in Love! .... Chief Policeman, Second Policeman, Prosecutor, Three Princesses of Ababu, Akbar, Assiz, Caliph and Omar
  • Gesticulate .... Hajj and Wazir's Council
  • Fate .... Hajj and Ladies of the Wazir's Harem

Act Two

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  • Night of My Nights .... Caliph and Entourage
  • Reprise: Stranger in Paradise .... Marsinah
    • Baubles, Bangles and Beads .... The Caliph
    • He's in Love! .... Entourage
  • Was I Wazir? .... Wazir, Policemen and Guards
  • Rahadlakum .... Hajj, Lalume, Princess Zubbediya, Princess Samaris, Three Princesses of Ababu and Ladies of the Wazir's Harem
  • And This Is My Beloved .... Marsinah, Caliph, Hajj and Wazir
  • The Olive Tree .... Hajj
  • Presentation of Princesses
    • Damascus .... Princess Zubbediya and Ayah
    • Bangalore .... Princess Samaris
    • Ababu .... Princesses of Ababu
  • Finale .... Ensemble and Hajj

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

In the Oct. 5, 1953, edition of the New York Times, it was reported that Charles Lederer, co-author of the book, was replacing Edwin Lester as the show's producer. The production had just concluded its tryout engagement in San Francisco, having played in Los Angeles before that. The reason for the change was that the production was proving more expensive than Lester had anticipated, and Lederer had taken charge of raising the necessary addtional funds. 

At the time, it wasn\'t clear whether Lester would be co-credited as producer with his name next to Lederer's in the billing. It was said that Lester had "an option to exercise that privilege."

The solution, which was in place by the start of the tryout run in Boston that started two weeks later, was this:




in EDWIN LESTER\'S production of



One of the investors who helped out, apparently with a substantial sum, was the retired actress Marion Davies, who was Lederer's aunt. The published script was dedicated to her.

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