I Can Get It for You Wholesale

Off-Broadway Revival (1991)

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Cast Highlights

Miss Marmelstein
Maurice Pulvermacher
Meyer Bushkin/Ramon
Harry Bogen
Tootsie Maltz/Teddy Asch
Ruthie Rivkin
Mrs. Bogen
Martha Mills
Blanche Bushkin
Delivery Boy/Sheldon Bushkin

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • I'm Not a Well Man .... Miss Marmelstein and Mr. Pulvermacher
  • The Way Things Are .... Harry
  • When Gemini Meets Capricorn .... Ruthie and Harry
  • Momma, Momma .... Harry and Mrs. Bogen
  • The Sound of Money .... Harry, Martha, Mitzi, Mario and Eddie
  • The Family Way .... Mrs. Bogen, Harry, Ruthie, Teddy, Blanche and Meyer
  • Too Soon .... Mrs. Bogen
  • Who Knows? .... Ruthie
  • Have I Told You Lately? .... Blanche and Meyer
  • Ballad of the Garment Trade .... Miss Marmelstein, Ruthie, Blanche, Harry, Teddy, Meyer and Company

Act Two

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  • A Gift Today .... Sheldon, Harry, Mrs. Bogen, Blanche, Meyer and Ruthie
  • Miss Marmelstein .... Miss Marmelstein
  • The Sound of Money (Reprise) .... Harry
  • A Funny Thing Happened .... Ruthie and Harry
  • What's in It for Me? .... Teddy and Martha
  • What Are They Doing to Us Now? .... Miss Marmelstein, Buggo, Tootsie, Manette, Gail, Springer and Creditors
  • Eat a Little Something .... Mrs. Bogen and Harry

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