The Funkentine Rapture

Reading (2004)

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  • Real Good Funk
  • Nothin'?? but the Funky Truth
  • Sedentary Nation
  • Let My True Funk Free
  • Disco Rainbow
  • Still She
  • Sticking Wid It
  • The Ballad of Bubba Sonders
  • The Funkentine Rapture
  • You Do It For Me
  • (Funk's) My True Desire
  • High Hopes of a Dream Believer
  • Show Biz and Adversity
  • Uh, Oh, the Hero!
  • The Wrong Mr. Right
  • I've Got My Reasons
  • Funk is All I Wanna Do
  • Next Best Funk
  • Funk Amongst Yourselves
  • Funk You in the Dozens

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