The Frogs

World Premiere (1974)

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A Handmaiden
An Inkeeper's Wife
An Innkeeper

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  • Prologos: Invocation and Instructions to the Audience .... Dionysos and Xanthias
  • Traveling Music .... Chorus
  • Parodos: The Frogs .... Chorus
  • Hymnos: Evoe! .... Dionysians
  • Parabasis: It's Only a Play .... Hierophantes and Dionysians
  • Paean: Evoe! For the Dead .... Dionysos and Dionysians
  • Invocation to the Muses .... Dionysos and Dionysians
  • Exodos: The Sound of Poets .... Dionysians

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Trivia & History

In his book Finishing the Hat, Stephen Sondheim writes that this production had a second week of performances. As far as we can tell, that is incorrect. All press coverage of the production at the time — advance press releases, articles, and reviews — gives the date of the opening as May 20, 1974, and the closing as May 25, 1974. We have found no evidence of a last-minute extension for a second week.

In addition, Sondheim himself said the following during the question-and-answer portion of a 1987 lecture in London (which was published in BIASED, Spring/Summer 1988, with his comments on The Frogs excerpted on Page 20 of the Fall 1998 issue of The Sondheim Review): "I had only four weeks to write it, it was a short piece. But we never had a chance to have a dress rehearsal. The dress rehearsal was performed in front of the critics. We had eight performances, and it took four of those to settle in. We did some rewriting afterwards."

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