Original Broadway Production (1954)

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The Admiral
M. Brun
Arab Dancing Girl

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Never Too Late for Love .... Panisse and Ensemble
  • Cold Cream Jar Song .... Panisse
  • Octopus Song .... The Admiral
  • Restless Heart .... Marius and Male Ensemble
  • Why Be Afraid to Dance? .... Cesar
  • Never Too Late for Love (Reprise) .... Cesar, Panisse and Honroine
  • Shika, Shika .... Arab Dancing Girl, Rug Seller and Ensemble
  • Welcome Home .... Cesar
  • I Like You .... Marius and Cesar
  • I Have to Tell You .... Fanny
  • Fanny .... Marius
  • The Sailing.... Fanny, Marius, Cesar and Ensemble
  • Oysters, Cockles and Mussels .... Ensemble
  • Panisse and Son .... Panisse
  • Wedding Dance .... Ensemble
  • First Act Finale .... Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Birthday Song .... Fanny, Honorine and Ensemble
  • To My Wife .... Panisse
  • The Thought of You .... Marius and Fanny
  • Love Is a Very Light Thing .... Cesar
  • Other Hands, Other Hearts .... Fanny, Cesar and Marius
  • Fanny (Reprise) .... Cesar, Fanny and Marius
  • Montage .... Ensemble
  • Be Kind to Your Parents .... Fanny and Cesario
  • Cesario's Party (Cirque Francais) .... Ensemble
  • Welcome Home (Reprise) .... Cesar, Panisse

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

Although the performance total for the run is often listed as 888, that seems to be incorrect. The production ran 111 weeks, and it seems that some sources simply multiplied that by 8 and got 888. But the first week of the Broadway run, the production played 2 previews and 4 performances. Variety, covering the show's statistics in its issue of December 19, 1956 (the week after the show closed). listed the total as having been 884, which would be correct for 110 full weeks and a first week of 4 performances. It's possible that there were weeks when it played more than 8 performances and perhaps it did actually play 888, but we are trusting Variety on this.

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