Do I Hear a Waltz?

George Street Playhouse Production (1999)

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Cast Highlights

Leona Samish
Eddie Yaeger
Jennifer Yaeger
Mr. McIlhenny
Mrs. McIlhenny
Renato Di Rossi

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Someone Woke Up .... Leona
  • This Week, Americans .... Fioria
  • What Do We Do? We Fly! .... Mr. & Mrs. McIlhenny, Eddie, Jennifer, Leona
  • Here We Are Again .... Leona
  • Someone Like You .... DiRossi, Leona
  • Thinking .... DiRossi, Leona
  • No Understand .... Eddie, Fioria, Giovanna
  • Take the Moment .... DiRossi

Act Two

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  • Moon in My Window .... Jennifer, Fioria, Leona
  • We're Gonna Be Alright (ii) .... Eddie, Jennifer
  • Do I Hear a Waltz? .... Leona
  • Stay .... DiRossi
  • Perfectly Lovely Couple .... Ensemble
  • Everybody Loves Leona .... Leona
  • Last Week, Americans .... Fioria
  • Thank You So Much .... Leona, DiRossi
  • Finale Ultimo .... Orchestra

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Trivia & History

Our list of musical numbers for this production is taken from an insert in the program labeled "Revised musical numbers." The only differences between this list and the one originally printed in the program are that the earlier version lists an overture and an entr'acte.

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