Original Broadway Production (1973)

Trivia & History

The production originally announced a Broadway opening date of March 25, 1973, at the Palace. The Broadway run was to be preceded by tryout runs at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, and the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto. The run at the Guthrie was an early example of a collaboration between a commercial Broadway production and a nonprofit regional theatre. The program for the Guthrie run listed the Guthrie Theatre as the primary producer, with a "Produced by special arrangement with" credit given to the Broadway producers. 

An additonal tryout run at the Colonial Theatre in Boston was added. At first the Boston run was to be just three weeks, ending on April 14, with the opening at the Palace then scheduled for April 29. But the Boston run was extended an extra three weeks till May 5. Broadway previews started on May 9, and the production opened on May 13.

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