A Christmas Carol

Off-Broadway Return Engagement (1998)

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Cast Highlights

Sandwichboard Man/Ghost of Christmas Present
Lamplighter/Ghost of Christmas Past
Ghost of Jacob Marley
Ghost of Christmas Yet-To-Be
Mr. Smythe
Old Joe/Mr. Hawkins

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Main Program

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  • A Jolly Good Time .... Chairty Men, Smythe Family, Business Men, Wives and Children
  • Nothing to Do With Me .... Scrooge and Cratchit
  • You Mean More to Me .... Cratchit and Tiny Tim
  • Street Song (Nothing to Do With Me) .... People of London, Scrooge, Fred, Jonathon, Sandwichboard Man, Lamplighter, Blind Hag and Grace Smythe
  • Link by Link .... Marley's Ghost, Scrooge and Ghosts
  • The Lights of Long Ago .... Ghost of Christmas Past
  • God Bless Us, Everyone .... Scrooge's Mother
  • A Place Called Home .... Scrooge at 12, Fan and Scrooge
  • Mr. Fezziwig's Annual Christmas Ball .... Fezziwig, Mrs. Fezziwig and Guests
  • A Place Called Home (Reprise) .... Scrooge at 18, Emily and Scrooge
  • The Lights of Long Ago (Part II) .... Scrooge at 18, Young Marley, Emily and People from Scrooge's Past
  • Abundance and Charity .... Ghost of Christmas Present, Scrooge and Christmas Gifts
  • Christmas Together .... Tiny Tim, Cratchits, Ghost of Christmas Present, Fred, Sally, Scrooge and People of London
  • Dancing on Your Grave .... Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Be, Monks, Business Men, Mrs. Mopps, Undertakers, Old Joe and Cratchit
  • London Town Carol .... Jonathan
  • Nothing to Do With Me (Reprise) .... Scrooge
  • Christmas Together (Reprise) .... People of London
  • God Bless Us, Everyone (Reprise) .... Company

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