Shakespeare's Cabaret

Broadway Transfer (1981)

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  • If Music and Sweet Poetry Agree
  • What Thou Seest When Thou Dost Awake
  • All That Glisters
  • Why Should This a Desert Be?
  • Crabbed Age and Youth
  • Orpheus and His Lute
  • Music with Her Silver Sound
  • Come Live with Me and Be My Love
  • Have More Than Thou Showest
  • Venus and Adonis Suite
  • Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred?
  • If Music Be the Food of Love
  • Epitaph for Marina
  • The Phoenix and the Turtle
  • Now
  • The Willow Song
  • Immortal Gods
  • Tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day
  • Fathers That Wear Rags
  • The Grave Digger's Song
  • Come Unto These Yellow Sands
  • Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?
  • Lawn as White as Driven Snow
  • Rosalynde
  • Let Me the Canakin Clink
  • Shakespeare's Epitaph
  • Fear No More the Heat of the Sun

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