Your Arms Too Short to Box With God

Broadway Return Engagement (1980)

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  • Beatitudes
  • We're Gonna Have a Good Time
  • There's a Stranger in Town
  • Do You Know Jesus?/He's a Wonder
  • Just a Little Bit of Jesus Goes a Long Way
  • We Are the Priests and Elders
  • Something Is Wrong in Jerusalem
  • It Was Alone
  • I Know I Have to Leave Here
  • Be Careful Whom You Kiss
  • Trial
  • It's Too Late
  • Judas Dance
  • Your Arms Too Short to Box with God
  • Give Us Barrabas
  • See How They Done My Lord
  • Come on Down
  • Can't No Grave Hold My Body Down
  • Beatitudes (Reprise)
  • Didn't I Tell You
  • When the Power Comes
  • Everybody Has His Own Way
  • I Love You So Much Jesus
  • Band, The

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