Show Girl

Original Broadway Production (1961)

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Act One

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  • The Girl in the Show .... Carol Channing
  • Report from Las Vegas (sketch) .... Carol Channing
  • Theatre Piece (sketch) .... Carol Channing and Jules Munshin
  • Calypso Pete .... Carol Channing
  • Report from Paris .... Les Quat' Jeudis
  • Keeping Up With the Noahs (sketch) .... Carol Channing and Jules Munshin
  • The Girl Who Lived in Montparnasse.... Jules Munshin and Les Quat' Jeudis
  • Join Us in a Cup of Tea
  • This Is a Darned Fine Funeral (Opening Choruses) .... Carol Channing
  • In Our Teeny Little Weeny Nest for Two
  • Love Is a Sickness (Love Songs) .... Carol Channing
  • The Yahoo Step
  • Switchblade Bess (Dance Numbers) .... Carol Channing

Act Two

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  • The Story of Marie .... Carol Channing and Les Quat' Jeudis
  • S. Eureka Presents (sketch) .... Jules Munshin
  • My Kind of Love .... Carol Channing
  • The Inside Story (sketch) .... Carol Channing
  • The Foreign Star (sketch) .... Carol Channing
  • Les Quat' Jeudis
  • You Haven't Lived Until You've Played the Palace (The Palace Theatre) .... Carol Channing
  • Somewhere There's a Little Bluebird (The Palace Theatre) .... Carol Channing
  • Finale .... Carol Channing and Company

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Trivia & History

The show toured the US from October 15, 1959 until it landed on Broadway in January of 1961. The following theatres, with no dates given, have been traced via Playbills. Because no dates are given, and the first instance of Jules Munshin joining the company is June 6, 1960.  For the moment, that is our litmus for when the show was in these venues.

Before June 6, 1960:

After June 6, 1960:
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