Ballet Ballads

Original Broadway Production (1948)

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Choreographer (Susanna and the Elders)
Choreographer (Willie the Weeper)
Choreographer (The Eccentricities of Davey Crockett)

Cast Highlights

The Parson (Susanna and the Elders)
Susanna [singer] (Susanna and the Elders)
Susanna [dancer] (Susanna and the Elders)
The Cedar from Lebanon (Susanna and the Elders)
The Little Juniper Tree (Susanna and the Elders)
The Angel (Susanna and the Elders)
The Elder [Moe] (Susanna and the Elders)
Handmaiden (Susanna and the Elders)
The Elder [Joe] (Susanna and the Elders)
Dancing Willie (Willie the Weeper)

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Musical Numbers

No songs listed for this production.

Trivia & History

The run at Maxine Elliott's Theatre consisted of 6 subscription performances for subscibers to ANTA's Experimental Theatre series. Tickets for these performers were available only by subscription. Due to public demand, an extra peformance was added for nonsubscibers. The schedule was an evening performance on Sunday, May 9, 1948, with additional subscriber performances on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights, and two performances on Sunday, May 16. The additional performance open to nonsubscribers was Saturday night.

The Maxine Elliott's Theatre was owned by the Columbia Broadcasting System. The Shuberts and ANTA had taken a sub-lease on the theatre, and that was over on May 17 so the run could not be extended at Maxine Elliott's.

 It then transferred to the Music Box for a longer run.

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