The Girl from Nantucket

Original Broadway Production (1945)

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Cast Highlights

Michael Nicolson
Betty Ellis
Tom Andrews
Ann Niles
Dodey Ellis
Keziah Getchel
Captain Matthew Ellis
Dick Oliver
Judge Peleg
Enrico Nicoletti

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • I Want to See More of You .... Betty and Michael
  • Take the Steamer to Nantucket .... Vacationists, Guides; Dance specialty by Kim and Kathy Gaynes and Marion Niles
  • What's He Like? .... Betty, Dodey, Girls
  • What's a Sailor Got? .... Captain Ellis, Ensemble
  • Magnificent Failure .... Dick
  • Hurray for Nicoletti .... Dick and Entire Ensemble; Dance Specialty by Marion Niles and Rapps and Tapps
  • When a Hick Chick Meets a City Slicker .... Dodey and Dick
  • Your Fatal Fascination .... Betty, Michael, Kim and Kathy Gaynes, Marion Niles, Ensemble
  • Let's Do and Say We Didn't .... Dodey, Girls
  • Nothing Matters .... Mary and Girls
  • Sons of the Sea .... Tom, Fishermen
  • Whalers' Ballet: A Page From Old Nantucket .... Monologue spoken by Tom; The Sea (Kathy Gaynes), The Whale (Kim Gaynes), Tom the Fisherman (Tom Ladd)

Act Two

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  • Isn't It a Lovely View? .... Betty, Vacationists
  • Isn't It a Lovely View? (Reprise) .... Betty
  • From Morning 'Til Night .... Betty and Michael
  • I Love That Boy .... Dodey and Dick
  • From Morning 'Til Night (Reprise) .... Michael
  • Hammock in the Blue .... Betty, Michael, Ensemble
  • Boukra Fill Mish Mish .... Captain Ellis, Tom, Ensemble
  • Dance Specialty .... Dick and Captain Ellis
  • Finale

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