The New Moon

Broadway Revival (1944)

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Captain Duval
Vicomte Ribaud
Marianne Beaunoir
Clotilde Lombaste
Monsieur Beaunoir

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Trivia & History

Although it was the first in what was hoped to be a series of operetta productions at City Center, it appears to have been a commercial production, although there may have been some degree of goverment subsidy involved in that it played City Center. City Center's own Light Opera Company would not be formed for another 10 years. Musicals that played there prior to 1954 were either commercial productions (usually return engagements of Broadway shows, after the production had been on tour) that rented City Center or productions of the New York City Opera that might be considered to fall into the category of musical theatre or operetta rather than opera.

The production production advertised a cast of 100. Ticket prices ranged from 75 cents to $2 for evening performances, and from 50 cents to $1.50 for matinees. It was originally announced to run through June 4, 1944, with hopes of an extension, the run was extended by three weeks till June 24, despite a scathing review in the New York Times.

Some of the other reviews were better than the one in the Times. In its issue of May 27, 1944, Billboard reported the following: "First CIty Center summer operetta revival drew divided nods and shakes from crix for a tally of 56 percent. Yes: Burton Rascoe (World-Telegram), Robert Garland (Journal-American), Robert Coleman (Mirror), Howard Barnes (Herald-Tribune). No: WIllella Waldforf (Post), Louis Kronenberger (PM), Lewis Nichols (Times). No opinion: John Chapman (News), unsigned (Sun).

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