Crazy With the Heat

Original Broadway Production (1941)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • This Way Out .... Ensemble
  • Man About Town (Sketch) .... Carl Randall
  • It Should Happen to Me .... Gracie Barrie, Richard Kollmar & Dancing Ensemble
  • Call For Herbert Tilson (Sketch) .... Willie Howard, Marie Nash., Harold Gary, Bobby Busch, & Hildegarde Halliday
  • Sascha's Got a Girl .... Ensemble
  • Mental Giant (Sketch) .... Luella Gear & Willie Howard
  • Specialty (i) .... Ted Gary
  • Some Day .... Richard Kolmar
  • Il Pleurait .... Ensemble
  • Butcher Boy (Sketch) .... Wilma Horner. Harold Gary, V. Allen, & Willie Howard
  • Time of Your Life .... Gracie Barrie, Betty Kean, Dancing Boys & Frank Cucksey
  • Life Without Father (Sketch) .... Luella Gear, J. Hoffman, Willie Howard, Richard Kollmar., Harold Gary, Phillip Gordon, Bobby Busch, Wilma Horner & Bobby Lane
  • Specialty (ii) .... Don Cumming
  • Morning Mist (Sketch) .... Luella Gear, Willie Howard, Don Cumming & Corps de Ballet
  • (You Should Be) Set to Music .... Marie Nash, Richard Kollmar, Jean Stanton, Helene Hudson, Helenita Riordan, Marion Bailey, Frances O'Day, Evelyn Bonfine, Irene Reilly, Eleanor Dawn & Quartette
  • Announcement to the Audience (Sketch) .... Luella Gear
  • Crazy With the Heat .... Company

Act Two

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  • No Smoking (Sketch) .... Company
  • (With a) Twist of the Wrist .... Richard Kollmar, Gracie Barrie, Bobby Busch, Betty Kean, Ted Gary, Quartette & Dancing Ensemble
  • A Voice of Experience (Sketch) .... Willie Howard, Bobby Busch, David Rollins, Wilma Horner, A. Kelly, J. Hoffman, & Harold Gary
  • Yacht Song .... Luella Gear
  • Fightin' for the Funnies (Sketch) .... Bobby Lane & Edna Ward
  • Wine From My Slipper .... Luba Rostova, Marie Nash, Philip King & Ensemble
  • Specialty (iii) .... Betty Kean
  • Music Hath Charms (Sketch) .... Wilma Horner, Richard Kollmar, Willie Howard, & Harold Gary
  • (You Should Be) Set to Music (finale) .... Entire Company

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