Rang Tang

Original Broadway Production (1927)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Everybody Shout .... Villagers and Jimtown Quartette
  • Dance Specialty (i) .... Byron Jones
  • Sammy and Topsy .... Inez Draw and May Barnes
  • Brown .... Zaidee Jackson and Jimtown Dandies
  • Dance Specialty (ii) .... Crawford Jackson
  • Pay Me .... Jimtown Business Men
  • Sambo's Banjo .... Zaidee Jackson and Banjo Ensemble
  • Some Day .... Josephine Hall and Jimtown Trio
  • Come to Africa .... Josephine Hall and Native Girls
  • Zulu Fifth Avenue .... Evelyn Preer and Zulu Steppers
  • Jungle Rose .... Daniel L. Haynes and Evelyn Preer
  • Monkey Land .... Flournoy E. Miller and Aubrey Lyles

Act Two

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  • A Dream .... Lillian Westmoreland and Gertrude Williams
  • Nymph Dance .... Marie Mahood
  • Voodoo .... Gilbert Holland
  • Voodoo Dance .... Natives
  • Summer Nights .... Josephine Hall
  • Dance
  • Harlem .... Evelyn Preer, Harlem Sextet and Harlemites
  • Dance Specialty (iii) .... Byron Jones
  • Dance Specialty (iv) .... May Barnes and Lavinia Mack
  • Dance Specialty (v) .... Bryson and Jones
  • Rang Tang (A New Dance) .... Evelyn Preer and Entire Company

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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